Hair Loss Serums

So from my extensive experience, well trial and error, here are my top 5 hair loss serums. I’ve tried to consider cost, side effects, ingredients and of course effectiveness to come up with my scores.

1. Reseed Peptide Active Hair Loss Serum

From £56 for about 6 weeks supply

Reseed Hair Loss Tonic

Reseed Hair Loss Tonic

Reseed offer a range of products including shampoo, supplements, conditioner and so on.

Firstly their products are not cheap, infact the tonic alone is £56 for 30ml, which I found barely lasted 6 weeks.

They do provide a detailed plan to follow and the recommendation is that you use at least the tonic along side the Reseed Shampoo, and hair loss supplement, but personally I have found the supplements are all much of a much.

So I did use the Reseed shampoo (£26) and tonic for a couple of months, to start with, and I was already taking the vitamins. I found the tonic easy to use and caused no irritation.

Not only did my hair stop falling out, it got noticeably thicker and fuller. My wife feels that my hair has seen some regrowth since I started using Reseed, though I’m not 100% sure how much.

Looking at the ingredients I was also pleasantly surprised, alot of it does seem to be ‘natural’ where as for instance Regaine, is just Minoxidil.

So, yes expensive, but maybe you just get what you pay for, and so far (I now use both products regularly), no side effects.


Cost – 2/5

Results – 4/5

Overall – 4/5

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2. Minoxidil (Regaine)

From £35.74 one months supply

Regaine for Men

Regaine for Men

Regaine, the registered brand for the drug Minoxidil are probably the best known of the hair loss brands in the UK, due to its availability in pharmacies and advertising / sponsorships.

A mid to higher price stand alone product which comes as a solution or foam, both of which are easy enough to use, and didn’t irritate my skin.

I certainly found that the Regaine foam in particular retained and stop additional hair loss, though unfortunately no extra growth.

The problem, and the reason why its not number one, were the side effects. Minoxidil is after a drug that was originally developed a regulator for high blood pressure, however quickening of the heart rate and water retention are but a few of the side effects, which would normally lead to taking other drugs to compensate. So, though it did work as a hair retention aid, I was not prepared to continue its use once my ankles started to balloon, and it is one of those products that has some scary reviews, once you start to search Google.

Cost – 3/5

Results – 4/5

Overall – 4/5 (The side effects are the problem)

3. Nanogen Hair Growth Serum

£29.99 for 30 days

Nanogen Growth Serum

Nanogen Growth Serum

Nanogen are another brand that offer a full range of hair loss products, including the shampoos and supplements.

Their Hair Growth Serum is well priced at £29.99 for a month, and they state that it can work alone or with other hair growth products like Minoxidil*.

This time I used the serum for nearly 3 months, with initially good results, in fact I was hopeful I’d found an affordable answer. Unfortunately where as after a month my hair had stopped falling and was noticeably thicker, by 2 month for some reason though still thicker I’d started to notice hair on my pillow again.

Nanogens serum is a combination of active ingredients including vitamins and enzymes, so a less artificial option than some, which I liked. Felt fine on my skin, no reactions and no side effects that I could see.

A good start then tailed off, not sure what the long term results would be. The ‘Growth’ part of the name might be misleading also.

Cost – 3/5

Results – 3/5

Overall – 3/5

4. Foltene Treatment For Hair and Scalp

£25.99 for 2 months.


Foltene Hair Treatment

A slightly different approach to the others in the top 5, this is certainly an affordable option, the pack of 12 vials lasting 2 months, and they suggest this only needs to be done a couple of times a year. I did only use the one pack for the 2 months directed, and there certainly seemed some thickening and improved retention though my pillow still had some hairs of a morning.

The formula is based on 3 active ingredients:

  • Tricosaccaride® rich in natural polysaccharides;
  • A balanced mixture of vitamins (A, B5, C, E, PP) and amino acids;
  • Zanthin®, a powerful antioxidant of vegetable origin.

I didn’t seem to have any adverse experiences during the 2 months, if anything I felt quite healthy generally, and it was in late winter, so that was a pleasant bonus.

So a natural approach with mainly positive results.

Cost – 4/5

Results – 3/5

Overall – 3/5

5. Proprecia

Other choices worth mentioning are Reseed Hair Solution, which is a weaker longer term alternative to the fast acting Reseed Hair Loss Tonic and the Nourkrin Scalp Lotion both of which are a good long term options.